Unswaddled Lewis is a mess. Or maybe it is hot Lewis who is the mess.

Either way, we need that ac unit asap so we can have a nice temperature in the nursery and can swaddle him again. Because HOLY MELTDOWN, BATMAN.

He woke up after being put down twice. And I texted Kyle to complain. He came upstairs to rescue me, but when he opened the door it startled Lewis and then the apocalypse happened.

We made it nearly two months before having a meltdown of that magnitude. I know we’re lucky. But we’re also completely unprepared and unpracticed because this just doesn’t happen. Suddenly Baby Lewis became a two person job.

He was screaming so hard he was choking and gagging.

We managed to get him calm enough for him to be a one person job again. So I’m back in bed while Kyle tries to get him to sleep for a third time.

Bedtime has officially hit the 2 hour mark tonight. A new record.

Little increments of joy

I told Kyle I needed some time away from the baby, and he reacted exactly like I thought he would. He said, “okay!”

So, as I mentioned earlier, I went out for girls night with a friend. We went bargain baby clothes shopping, and then we had Mexican food for dinner. I even had a margarita! We were gone less than 3 hours, but I feel so much better.

But rotten luck to miss such a big milestone while I was gone! Rolling over… wow! Little Lewis is so advanced! I’m so proud of him!

When I was rocking him to sleep tonight, I decided it was too stinking hot to have a baby plastered against my chest. It is, according to the baby monitor, currently 83 degrees in his room. I rocked him and imagined an entire summer of miserable bedtimes… and then I remembered my commitment to making bedtimes easier and ordered a window ac unit from home depot right then and there. We pick it up tomorrow. I even ordered one for the master bedroom. Because we’re worth it!

And tomorrow morning I am going to the gym. Kyle is committed to being available to be on baby duty, and I have a set departure time. My date with the elliptical is set!

Look at me, improving my life so much in just one day. I’ve never been one to dawdle!

Lewis rolled over for the first time today! I left home to have a girls night, and he did it for daddy while I wasn’t there! When I got home we and our friends cheered him on to a repeat performance!