Lewis went to sleep at 8:15. I want to take credit for that because we made so many adjustments with an earlier bedtime in mind. But it was suspiciously easy. So I feel like it has to be a fluke!

He did fake us out with a pre-bedtime nap. He went down at 7:30 for a half hour before he woke up hungry. Kyle and I had been enjoying some alone time, talking about grown up stuff, none of it baby-related (heaven!). Lewis interrupted that and I was sure bedtime was ruined and I’d spend the next few hours trying to get him to sleep.

But he ate and 15 minutes later he was dead asleep. Miraculous.

He then proceeded to sleep for nearly 7 hours. Then he woke, ate, and was back asleep within 20 minutes for another 3 hour stretch.

So between 8:30 pm and 6 am, I was only awake for 20 minutes with Lewis. And now he has eaten again and is sleeping again. Dare I believe we’ll get in another 2 hours?

I hope this isn’t a fluke. This pattern would definitely work for me long-term. And if it was a fluke… then it definitely remains the goal!