Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Yesterday I put all my maternity clothes away and got back out my pre-pregnancy clothes.

That’s not to say that my pre-pregnancy clothes fit! Especially not the pants. But some of the shirts do, and I feel like it won’t be long until they all do. So I wanted to bring them out as motivation.

I also decided that two boxes worth of pre-pregnancy clothes weren’t worth keeping anymore. It is funny what almost a year of not seeing your clothes will do to your feelings towards them. I realized I hadn’t missed most of them. And that they were very worn out.

After many months of surviving on a very small wardrobe, I also decided I didn’t need nearly as many clothes as I had before. They’re going to Goodwill, and hopefully someone else will like them.

I’m left with a still very abundant wardrobe, with the exception of pants. I got rid of all of the pants, save one pair. It feels important not to stress over trying to fit into old pants, and to start fresh. But it will be fun to have that one pair to measure progress by!

Hairy fingers and toes

As little Lewis grows and changes (every day!!!) I feel like I get little glimpses into who he is going to be.

Today I noticed hair on his fingers and toes. I didn’t know that was possible. I thought maybe hair started growing like that at puberty. But perhaps it is there from the beginning, and only thickens/changes colors later?

Anyway… he has very fine, blonde hairs on his fingers and toes. He is going to be a hairy man. I can envision him looking like my brothers, and that makes me laugh and feel proud.

I love my little Lewis!