Random updates

1. Kyle is better at getting Lewis to stay asleep than me. I have no idea what his trick is. But he is the champion.

2. I lost another 2.5 lbs since I last weighed myself. I now only have 15 lbs to go and have met my 3 month post partum goal early. I feel awesome.

3. Lewis is supposed to stay the night at my mom’s house on Saturday while Kyle and I attend a wedding. I can hardly sleep at night in anticipation. Total anxiety overload.

4. Lewis is coming with me to the office tomorrow. We landed a gigantic project that I’m supposed to manage and I need to get familiar with it. Naturally, no one is free to babysit on a weekday with only a day’s notice, so Lewis gets to come hang out at work. I have a feeling none of my coworkers will be productive, as they’ll all be taking turns babysitting so I can get up to speed. 🙂

5. It is going to be extremely hot this coming weekend and the additional air conditioner we purchased has been declared lost in the mail. I am praying the replacement will be here by Saturday. Odds are not in our favor.