It is 90 degrees in my bedroom. I can’t turn on the portable air conditioner because I can’t hear the baby monitor if I do.

This is going to be a very long summer.

And my next house will have central AC. No getting around that. It’s a requirement.

Good news is that Lewis’ AC is on and his room is 72 degrees. If he’s ok, I’m ok.

Corporate baby round 2

Today’s office visit with Lewis was less awesome. We had two blowouts and I had to leave my meeting abruptly to feed him. But that wouldn’t have happened if the meeting attendees hadn’t been 30 minutes late… just sayin.

But honestly, the hardest part about the work day was the server connection issues. I got way less done than I needed to because of that, not because of Lewis.

One more day of Lewis in the office. Then back to working from home like normal, which is waaaay easier.

This working mama is exhausted.