Off to the doctor again… the doctor agrees that 18 days of diarrhea with no improvement isn’t normal. And adding vomiting on top of it is also not normal.

His chart was flagged saying that no improvement or worsening symptoms warrant immediate doctor-time. So they scheduled us right away.

Poor Lewis.

Ugh. I’m really looking forward to a shower in the morning. A wipe-down with baby wipes doesn’t really get the vomit off. I feel less than enthusiastic about going back to bed in my current condition.

Sometimes we don’t sleep through the night and I get to see my sweet baby in the middle of the night. This is one of those times. Hungry baby is chugging his midnight snack right now. Chug chug chug!

I told Kyle about the potential growth spurt and he just laughed and said “oh man! He’ll be gigantic!”

Considering that I ordered winter hats in size 18 months in order to accommodate his humongous head, I’m not sure another growth spurt is necessary!

UPDATE: Lewis just projectile vomited everything he had eaten all over the place while I was burping him. We are now both wiped down and changed and the rocker has been cleaned with carpet cleaner. We are now sitting in it on top of a towel, eating hungrily. Let’s pray this batch stays down.

Due to the continued diarrhea (2.5 weeks now!), his soft spot being low almost constantly, and multiple vomiting sessions, I’d say a call to the doctor should happen tomorrow morning. I thought we would have seen improvement by now. This doesn’t feel normal.

Kyle is golfing with his dad and I am home with Lewis. Lewis is fussy this evening and I am starving.

I would pay someone every penny I have to bring me food. But for some reason our house is located in a vacuum and literally no one delivers here. Except pizza. But I am not in the mood for another pizza.

If I had groceries in my fridge this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But I have a bell pepper and a bunch of condiments. Not sure how to turn that into dinner.

Herumph. I’m not doing well at adulting today. Can’t even figure out how to feed myself. I hope Lewis doesn’t remember this and think it is ok. Lewis… this is not how you do it.

Got up at 5 after a nice 9 hr sleep for Lewis. Fast forward 30 minutes later and we’ve had a botched spider smooshing attempt, a successful spider killing attempt, a massive poopy diaper (when does the diarrhea stop?), a feeding, a vomit sesh, new clothes and a wipe down for both myself and Lewis, and a second feeding to refill the empty belly.

Hoooooo boy! Talk about a jump start on the day!

Giant baby

Oh.. Kyle’s company picnic was today and there was an 11 month old girl there. Her parents were like “she’s huge, we know. How old is Lewis?”

Umm…hi. Lewis is 4.5 months old and is bigger than your daughter.

Massive, huge, gigantic, large, enormous child!

My mommy came and picked me up and treated me to a pedicure today. She is my hero. I complained to her yesterday that I felt like I was giving so much of myself and that I wished someone would just take care of me for one gosh darn minute instead.

So she came and she took care of me. For more than a minute.

I have very happy feet. And a very happy rest of me too.

After our pedicures, we went to the fabric store looking for curtain fabric for my mom. We didn’t find what she wanted, but we did each leave with fabric for other projects! She is making an apron, and I have fabric for my first ever table cloth!

Happy feet and a fun, easy project. And time with my mom. Not a bad day! I feel much better. 🙂

Kyle was on baby duty while we were gone… and Lewis literally slept the entire time. A 3 hour nap. Amazing! And no worries about how that affects bedtime. He is sleeping on my chest peacefully as I write this, and I plan to put him in his crib momentarily. What a good boy.

You know you’re a mom when you have a dream that you’re doing something awesome and then you have to leave because you forgot your pump at home. Followed by a dream about laundry.


“Allergy season is over”, I think to myself when deciding to skip my allergy medicine.

“Allergy season is definitely not over”, I think to myself at 4 am with snot dripping down my face.

Today Lewis vomited. Not spit up…. vomit.

It seemed like everything he had eaten all day came out at once. All over himself, me, and my favorite comfy chair.

I used carpet cleaner on the chair, and Lewis and I got clean in the bath together. I couldn’t figure out which one of us was the higher priority, since we were both sopping, so we got the simultaneous treatment.

Afterwards I noticed his soft spot on his head seemed really sunken. So even though he was acting normal, eating, and peeing, I gave him pedialyte to help with dehydration.

It was all very bizarre. He doesn’t seem sick at all! Except for the continued issues with diarrhea. But that can’t be related since that’s been going on for 2 weeks.

So that was fun. Interrupted my work day momentarily. But I didn’t take a lunch break today, so we’ll call bath time “lunch” instead.

In the end, I worked a full day from home, did 3 loads of laundry, did all the dishes, took care of the baby, got vomited on, took/gave a bath, changed 10 poopy diapers, force fed the baby pedialyte (twice), made my sick husband chicken soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, and paid bills.

*mic drop*

I need a rest.


I’ve been MIA on here a bit lately because living my life has taken up so much time that there wasn’t any leftover to document my life. But I have a moment now, so here are all the updates!

  • Lewis is officially a tummy sleeper. After I rock him to sleep and put him in his crib, he usually tips over onto his side immediately. If he was awake, I’m sure he would go all the way onto his belly right away, but that’s a hard maneuver when you’re milk drunk and passed out. But by morning, he is always on his belly, and it is super cute.
  • Kyle has been so stressed about work that his immune defenses seem to be down. He normally doesn’t get sick very much, but lately it has been one thing after another. At any given moment, one of my guys is sick, and I feel like I’ve been carrying a heavier load because of it. But at least my immune system is kicking butt and I’ve been well. So I have the energy to take a little more on.
  • Speaking of energy… Lewis has been sleeping like a champ lately. I’d say 75% of the time he sleeps 9+ hours in a row at night. I always hear him squeaking and moving around around 3, but it usually only lasts a couple minutes and then he is out again. In those cases, I don’t even have to get up! The other 25% of the time, he gets a little snack and drifts back off to dreamland for another 4ish hours.
  • Lewis seems really well adjusted at daycare. He doesn’t always finish his bottles, but he always eats when he’s supposed to. He also sometimes even plays with the other babies (except for the little girl who sweetly tried to hold his hand… he wasn’t having that). And he loves his teachers. Big smiles for them all the time. So I’m as happy as I’m going to be when my baby is with strangers all day long. We’ve reached maximum tolerance. Success!
  • Lewis is almost 5 months old. That means in a little over a month, we’re going to be starting solid foods. Unbelievable. Babyness seems endless… but then you realize how close you are to the next thing, and suddenly time is warp speed!
  • I have a huge project going on at work which is going to take up most of my consciousness. Very exciting for the company. Very challenging for me. I think this will be a real test for me as a working mom.
  • Kyle and I are considering selling our house. We want to upgrade… and doing so is almost in reach. We even met with a realtor the other day! It sounds like we’ll be able to get a profit out of the house for a considerable down payment, and we’re certain we’ll get approved for a larger loan than we’ll need. So the only missing piece is whether we can make it work within our monthly budget. It is looking like… no. For right now. But we got very excited about the idea of upgrading and moving away from this awful neighborhood, so we haven’t given up on finding a way to make it work yet.
  • I stopped losing weight, but my body has been changing shape! I’m really pleased with what is happening. My stretch marks are fading quickly, I’ve lost inches off my hips (which is where I gained the most weight), and I think soon I’ll be ready for pants in a size smaller! I haven’t been working out at all because I’m still trying to figure out how to be away from Lewis for things other than work. I feel like I don’t get enough time with him now that he is in daycare all the time, so it is very hard to imagine leaving him willingly for even a short amount of time. I am sure I’ll figure out how to make it happen soon, but for now I RUSH to him after work every afternoon and snuggle him nonstop until bedtime.
  • We went to Kyle’s sister’s house yesterday for dinner, and Lewis didn’t freak out. As a matter of fact, he had a great time! He seems to think his cousin is way cool. And she seems to feel the same way about him. I think they’re going to be great friends! It really melted my heart to watch them interact. I love our family!

I think that’s all that is going on with us for now. Busy lives, lots going on!

Lewis has been awake for 6 hours in a row.


He has never done this in his life! He normally maxes out at 2.5 – 3 hours. I’m amazed! He has just been cheerful and awake since 1:30 this afternoon straight through to bedtime. Daycare and I both tried to put him down for a nap, but even nursing him didn’t work! Kiddo was just energized!

It has been fun to get to play all evening with my alert, happy baby. And this is shaping up to be an easy bedtime after being awake so long. Nursing to sleep is definitely working now. Haha.

Perks of baby sleeping 9.5 hrs in a row:

1. 8 solid hours of sleep for mommy
2. When baby wakes up at 5:30 am and has a blowout, there is plenty of time to do laundry before work.
3. Baby eats twice before daycare when he wakes up that early. Which means mommy doesn’t have to pump immediately after arriving at work.

Today is off to an awesome start. Lucky me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Munch Munch

Both of the boys went down for the night at 7:30 this evening. Yes, that means Lewis and Kyle.

And I’ve been sitting in peace in the living room, TV off, baby monitor by my side, just relaxing.

Hard to believe it is only 8:45 with how quiet it is in here.

I’m just putting myself to bed, when I hear squeaking from Lewis’ room. The kind that is either going to end in screaming, or going back to sleep – but you don’t know which unless you wait. So I let it ride out before going in, and after it quieted down, I went in to see what was up.

Lewis was fast asleep, on his belly, both arms pinned under him, smooshed up against the side of the crib. SMOOSHED.

I repeat my sentiments from the other night: who am I to judge?

So I left him there.

I fully anticipate that he will wake up screaming at some point tonight because he is unhappy with his current situation. But the kiddo will figure out how to work out combining sleeping and his new skill eventually. 🙂

It may be 5 am, but I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS.

Lewis slept through the night. He squeaked once at 3 am, but I never had to get up. So I’ve gotten 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And I could have more since kiddo is still sleeping, but my body is just not tired anymore.


After Lewis woke up at 3 last night, various evens led to him being awake for 1.5 hrs. At 4:30 I’d had enough and just put him in his crib to let him babble and giggle there.

I stayed in the chair and curled up, ultimately falling asleep. After about 30 minutes I woke up to see Lewis asleep on his belly in the crib with his arms pinned under him.

Who am I to judge? I left him and went to bed.

It turns out this was not a pleasing position to wake up in, as Lewis woke up screaming at about 6am. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. Although I somehow doubt it. 🙂 silly baby!

I don’t think we’re going to have to go back to the doctor tomorrow. Lewis seems fine and he is showing all the proper signs of being hydrated.

While I think it was good to get him checked out and do some pedialyte because of the soft spot issue, I also think he probably would have been fine without any special attention. He has just seemed his normal, cheerful self through all of this.

Anyway, I don’t make the daycare rules. Even if he seems fine, sick is sick. And I certainly understand why they have the rules they have. And bonus! it sure was fun to have an extra day and a half home with kiddo this week! He is so good and easy-going. He just plays or sleeps or eats while I work and occasionally make faces at him. Today he rolled over, over and over again. And took a 2.5 hour nap in the middle of the day.

My point is that it sucks that he was sick, but I was in heaven being with him all day. He heads back to daycare tomorrow, doctor’s note in hand, and Friday we’re reunited for another day in heaven. My sweet boy!