Day two

When I picked Lewis up yesterday afternoon, the teacher greeted me by exclaiming “come look!” and pointing at Lewis’ empty bottles. Her enthusiasm was enchanting, and it made me feel really good about the people who are caring for Lewis. They really seem invested in the well-being of the kids they look after. Very comforting.

She also proudly reported that he had had very good naps, all at least 45 minutes, and one that was an hour and a half! And he let them take him out of the swing a few times and ate happily.

But he did have the one notable meltdown when he was tired and the other babies were loud.

So one notable meltdown and still a bit of an attachment to the swing. Oh… and anger on the changing table (which literally never has happened at home).

All in all I’d say we’re doing a lot better! Proud of the little guy. Soon he’ll be totally comfortable and I’ll worry a lot less. 🙂

But I still don’t want other people raising him full-time. That’s not the kind of parent I want to be when he is this tiny. But I’m also committed to being a good employee, so we’ll see how my meeting goes today with my boss. I feel hopeful that a part-time daycare, part-time at home with me situation can be worked out. At least for a while, until he gets mobile or too distracting at home.