4 month checkup

Lewis and I went to his 4 month appointment today. He checked out awesome!

He got some vaccines, which he was none too pleased about. But we discussed the “short term pain for long term gain” concept again, and he calmed down after that. Or maybe he calmed down because I picked him up while I was talking to him about it. Either way, he recovered quickly.

He has stretched out his proportions a little bit. Instead of being in approximately the same percentiles for both height and weight, he is now in the 98th percentile for length and “only” the 85th for weight. 26.7 inches long and 17 lbs 2 oz.

I wonder if his weight didn’t keep up with his height because of his lackluster eating habits at daycare. Or if he is taking after his daddy in being a lanky dude. Only time will tell, but it sure is fun to think about what he’ll be like in the future!

The doctor was pretty unconcerned about his cold, which was what I expected. I’m not terribly worried either. Just sad for him, mostly. But she did give me a few things to watch for (fever and labored breathing) and call about if they come up.

She also mentioned that Lewis could start solids anytime I want him to now. That was surprising, since I thought they needed to be able to sit up unsupported before that was allowed. But I’m not a doctor for a reason… haha! Anyway, I think we’ll wait to start him on solids. He is doing great on breastmilk for now, and I see no need to mess with the system. Doctor agreed that it was absolutely no rush and we could decide when we were ready. I’m thinking I’ll start with solids closer to 6 months, since I don’t want to do purees. I’m interested in trying “baby led weaning”, which involves offering your baby normal human food instead of mushed up gunk. That seems like something he isn’t quite ready for to me!

So proud of my little munchkin. He’s had a big week this week, and he’s such a superstar. For his 4 month birthday, I had the house cleaners come. I think he is grateful. 🙂

Kiddo is 4 months old today! He’s sick with his first cold after only a week at daycare, but other than being confused about what is happening to him, he is in very good spirits. My little trooper! He’s officially out of all of his 3-6 months clothes and is learning how to be a big kid who goes to school. Mommy is super proud!

Sick baby

Lewis is not enjoying his first cold. Poor little guy is having difficulty sleeping. He has woken up 5 times already, and it is only 3am.

I’m exhausted, and I am completely desperate for some sleep, but I feel worse for him than for myself. He seems miserable. And confused about why he chokes when he breathes through his nose.

I have tried clearing his nose with the bulb syringe, but just like when we grownups try to clear our noses when we’re sick, it keeps filling back up. It is silly to sit around sucking his nose out all night. So I’m just trying to get him to sleep.

I am having moderate success. He goes to sleep great when I hold him, but wakes up during the transfer to the crib.

My poor baby.