Today we went to play with Nonny and Pop Pop.

Nonny, Lewis and I went shopping. The loot? A jumperoo! Kyle and I had noticed that Lewis likes standing up like a big boy (squeals of delight every time!), so we set our sights on one of these that folds up when not in use. Nonny and I found one and then Nonny treated Lewis to it. I think he liked it even more because it was from her. 🙂 He bounced away and squealed and played. Best thing ever!

Pop Pop had gone fishing earlier in the day, so we had fresh caught salmon for dinner. It was a completely different league than the junk I’ve been eating at home. My mom is the best cook. And that meal was just stupendous. You can’t really beat boat-to-table!

Mom also helped me strategize some ways I might manage my life a little more successfully. I’m not sure if we solved any problems, but she is a great sounding board and I hope some of the ideas might work for me. In any event, it felt really good to vent/talk it out.

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