Kiddo finally did go back to sleep after an hour and a half of mommy rocking him and singing a lullaby on repeat.

I emailed Kyle about the saga of last night so he’d be aware when he woke up.

It worked. When Lewis woke up at 7:30, I didn’t even need to ask. Kyle was already up, had read the email, and went in to Lewis. And now it is almost 8 and I’m still in bed.

It won’t last forever since eventually the kid has gotta eat. But I am so grateful to just get to lay here for a bit.

Wonderful, sweet husband.

Lewis has woken up every hour for the last 4 hours. Not to eat, but because he can’t breathe through his nose and he is very very angry about it. I can only suck out so much snot.

I wish I could do more for him. Him sleeping better would be good for both of us. I’m so exhausted.

UPDATE: He seems to have given up on sleeping altogether. His yawns indicate he is still tired, but apparently it isn’t worth trying to sleep with the stuffy nose. I kinda don’t blame him. But… darn it.

Several exciting things happened yesterday. One of them I’m going to hold onto for another time. But check out the rest!

1. I got my wedding ring back from being resized. A half size bigger really made all the difference. I think I was 26 weeks pregnant the last time I wore it. So lovely to have it back on.

2. I got new glasses and my first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. They’re also polarized, which is new to me as well. Let’s here it for buy-one-get-one deals!

3. Lewis “tried solids” last night. We were at my father-in-law’s house for dinner, and he has a highchair on standby because he’s an awesome grandpa to both Lewis and Lewis’ cousin who is a couple years older. He whipped the highchair out for Lewis to test out, and we figured since he was sitting in it, might as well put some food in front of him. We got him to try some of the cheesy chive mashed potatoes. But just one tiny bite. Then he was done with the experience. It was very cute. And of course Kyle let him play with the bone from his pork chop, because he is excited to have another non-vegetarian in the house soon. 🙂