Today Grammy fed Lewis some bread and he actually chewed and swallowed it. First time he’s chewed and not subsequently spit the food out. He keeps changing so fast!!

First time Lewis has slept well in about a week (thanks, teething!), and I couldn’t go back to sleep after his 3am feeding. Dangit!

Guess I was just too darn excited about the house we just got. Hehe. More on that another time.

The Rock

Solids continue

Before Lewis arrived at the age where he could eat solids, I had a vision. I wanted to do Baby Led Weaning with him. Essentially, that means that you just give baby some of whatever food you’re eating, and they feed themselves. It is messy, but simple. It seems so natural – “hey baby, here’s some food. Yum yum”. And they advertise it as making your child less picky later.

I’m not sure how well-researched that last part is, but simplicity sounded good to me. And eating mush, baby-bird-style, sounded unappealing.

Lewis, however, disagreed. He loves mush.

OK kid. You want mush? Mush it is!

I felt like such a veteran mom when I didn’t try to force my vision on a non-compliant baby and just rolled with it. I always feel better having a plan going into things, but life (and babies, particularly!) has a funny way of taking your plans and throwing them out the window. Plans are really just “the thing I’m going to try first”, not “plans”. We don’t write anything in permanent ink around here!

And you know what? Feeding Lewis baby mush is totally fun. I don’t actually have to chew anything up and spit it into his mouth baby-bird-style (haha). It is actually very sophisticated, involving a spoon and a bib. And it can be simple too, if you buy the food at the store. And since I don’t even have time to shower lately (I think it has been 3 days now…?), much less make homemade baby food, obviously I am buying the mush at the store. Simple.

So we’ve adjusted the vision. And Lewis loves it. He attacks that spoon full of mush with so much gusto (oooh the joyful shrieks of delight!). And eventually he’ll understand the appeal of real human food. But for now, baby-bird mush is super duper, and he hasn’t met a flavor he doesn’t like! Which really makes me wonder about the Baby Led Weaning pickiness theory….

Lewis holding on for dear life as we took a short walk earlier this evening. He wasn’t sure about riding in the big boy stroller. Especially when dad did wheelies.

Checked out two more houses tonight. Herumph. Struck out again. Kyle and I just don’t really see eye to eye on neighborhood and expectations a lot of the time. But neither one of us is allowed to settle this time. So we have to find a way to agree. 🙂

At least we’re settling in OK at Kyle’s mom’s. Slowly but surely things are getting set up, organized, and comfortable. We will be fine here for a while, but it would sure be nice to know when “a while” will end. So the hunt continues.

We did it. We moved out of our house and officially live with Kyle’s mom. We barely made it happen in time, but with help from amazing family and friends, somehow we got everything out and off to various destinations.

At the end of the day, after all helpers had gone on their way, Kyle and I went back just the two of us to grab the last few things and lock up. It was actually quite lovely to take a quiet moment to say goodbye.

We were/are very ready to leave that place behind us. But our lives really started there, so we needed to pay our respects. We moved in shortly after getting married, it was our first house we owned, we remodeled a bit, I was pregnant there, we brought Lewis home there.

And now we are in limbo, with no idea what comes next, or when it is coming. Our little room at my mother-in-law’s is our master bedroom, Lewis’ nursery, and my home office all in one. Our lives are chaos, but it feels safe.

Kyle’s mom welcomed us with a home cooked meal, new socks for Lewis, and a bunch of fancy organic baby food waiting on the counter. She is so enthusiastic about having us here (at least outwardly! Haha!), and that feels good. We’re going to be alright, even if we’re a bit uncomfortable in the tight quarters.

Let the adventure begin!

Just fed Lewis for his night time feeding, and currently he is smiling and giggling in his sleep. These moments, in the middle of the night, when it is just us and the silence, reset me. And in these moments, I don’t have a care in the world.

Between work, house hunting, Lewis, and sleep… I haven’t done any packing. We move the day after tomorrow, the papers signing it over are signed, and our house still looks like we live here.

But what should I expect out of myself when I can’t even find the time to feed myself proper food. We’ve been surviving on pizza and taco bell for the whole week.

It’s almost comical how chaotic my life is. I’m barely treading water anymore. I used to be good at things, but now I’m pulled so many directions that I can’t do anything well anymore.

New life goals: eat real food, and get to a point where my team and I don’t have to work evenings and weekends so I can spend that time with my child instead.

Stress and Disappointment

We’re set to close on the house on Monday. Papers signed today. Check coming soon! Hooray!

But that’s about the only thing that makes any sense in our house hunt. We knew it was going to be tough to find our next house, but we’ve swung and missed 4 times already, and it is starting to sting a little – okay… a lot.

We have been selected as back-up offer on two homes, and didn’t even get a chance to make an offer on two others because they had already accepted something before we even got to our showings.

Each and every time, we have been out-bid when putting in our very “best” offer. What that means is that each offer we’ve made is really above our comfort zone financially, and we still haven’t gotten a house.

And these houses we’re making offers on are only somewhat-close to “in our budget” because they’re either close to train tracks, on a busy street, completely out-of-date, fixers, or goofy in some other way.

It is becoming clear to us that we simply cannot afford what we want in the neighborhoods we’re interested in. We can’t even afford the neighborhood misfits that are kind of close to what we want. This is a surprise to us, because we thought our budget made perfect sense for what we wanted.

We’re agonizingly close to being able to afford what we want/need. $50k more and a whole world of houses would be opened up to us that would fit our needs/desires perfectly. In the world of house prices, that’s not a lot. In our world, that might as well be a million dollars.

It is very stressful and disappointing to feel like you have a ton of money to spend, and it doesn’t buy you what you thought it would buy you. We don’t know what the solution is, so we may end up in Kyle’s mom’s basement for a very long time until a solution becomes clear.

Or maybe we’ll find a house next week. That’s the worst thing… we don’t know! The only thing that is certain is that so far, this house hunt has been more painful than we thought it would be. 

6 month appt

We had Lewis’ 6 month well-baby appointment today. Below are the highlights:

  • Lewis is 28 inches tall – 93rd percentile
  • He is 19 lbs 4 oz (on an empty stomach. He had refused bottles all morning at daycare and hadn’t eaten) – 80th percentile
  • He got 3 shots and didn’t even flinch for two of them. The last one he cried for about 2 seconds and then flashed a huge smile. What a champ.
  • His head circumference was unchanged from his 4 month appointment. At that time it was 98th percentile. Now he is only at 50th percentile since it didn’t grow. Doctor said it wasn’t a concern at this point because he is hitting all his developmental milestones, but if it doesn’t grow by his next appointment, we’ll have to get some head scans/imaging. That sounds kind of alarming to me, but we’re trying to remain calm because the medical professionals are still calm at this point. Kind of tough. But we simply don’t have enough data to conclude that there is/isn’t a problem. So we just have to find a way to keep it together until we have another head measurement.

Anyway… my little star is perfectly adorable and charming. He has another cold, but other than not sleeping well, he’s handling it great like always. He usually sleeps a bunch after shots (2 hr nap after his appt this afternoon!), so maybe we’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight so mommy can recharge a little bit.

My sweet baby has woken up two nights in a row screaming his lungs out shortly after going to bed. Today I was able to calm him down in a matter of minutes, and now I am rocking him as he clings to my shirt and falls asleep. My sweet angel. I wish I knew what was making you sad. But since I don’t, I’ll at least try to be what makes you happy and we can snuggle and rock for a while longer.

Next weekend is our last weekend in this house. We are moving into my mother in law’s basement for an undetermined amount of time, since we still haven’t found a new house.

We have come close twice now, getting picked as backup offers in case the original offer falls through. The odds of that happening are slim, so the search continues. We’re far from discouraged at this point. The hunt has only just begun, and we know the right house will find us if we’re patient and positive.

I hope we can maintain this attitude once we’ve been in tight quarters at my MIL’s for a while. I can imagine getting a little frustrated and claustrophobic there. But even if we are uncomfortable for a bit, it will be worth it in the end. I’m sure of it.

I didn’t get much packing done today. Turns out it is tough to get in the groove when you have to stop to feed or change a baby all the time. Plus he is so cute and fun that I found myself stuck on the floor playing with him. Oops. 🙂

Kyle, on the other hand, made great progress on his to do list. He is taking tomorrow off of work to polish off the last few things. Then I’ll have some help with packing, I hope! Or at least a baby wrangler… that would be the most helpful thing!

Mother Nature gave Lewis his first tooth for his half-birthday! It poked through the gums sometime while he was at daycare. I’m excited to watch this one come all the way up and see what my sweet kiddo looks like with teeth!

Here is Lewis’ 6 month picture. The customary red chair is currently packed away so we are sitting in a grown up chair instead. Seems fitting, since Lewis is so grown up now!

6 Months Old

We made it! A half year! 6 whole months! What a happy milestone.

This marks a goal reached for breastfeeding, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for persevering. Despite all the chaos and pain in the beginning, oversupply, mastitis, losing my freezer stash, figuring out pumping/keeping my supply up at work, and getting Lewis to take bottles at daycare… we made it! Time to set a new goal: 6 more months!

But even more important than reaching that goal: this marks a huge moment in Lewis’ life. He is a 6 month old! He eats solid foods, sits up, rolls over, scoots on his belly, laughs, grabs/throws things, and is just so darn smart (and cute too!).

Every single day I think to myself, “my goodness. I can’t believe I made him!”

Today I am especially in awe. My perfect little boy with the gigantic cranium (to house his gigantic brain, of course!) is growing up right before my eyes. I simultaneously miss him as a newborn, love who he is today, and can’t wait to see who he turns into. I can’t decide if past, present, or future Lewis is my favorite. I guess I just love the little booger so much that he is my favorite all-around!

I’ll post his 6 month picture later this evening. Stay tuned!