Here is Lewis’ 6 month picture. The customary red chair is currently packed away so we are sitting in a grown up chair instead. Seems fitting, since Lewis is so grown up now!

6 Months Old

We made it! A half year! 6 whole months! What a happy milestone.

This marks a goal reached for breastfeeding, and I couldn’t be prouder of myself for persevering. Despite all the chaos and pain in the beginning, oversupply, mastitis, losing my freezer stash, figuring out pumping/keeping my supply up at work, and getting Lewis to take bottles at daycare… we made it! Time to set a new goal: 6 more months!

But even more important than reaching that goal: this marks a huge moment in Lewis’ life. He is a 6 month old! He eats solid foods, sits up, rolls over, scoots on his belly, laughs, grabs/throws things, and is just so darn smart (and cute too!).

Every single day I think to myself, “my goodness. I can’t believe I made him!”

Today I am especially in awe. My perfect little boy with the gigantic cranium (to house his gigantic brain, of course!) is growing up right before my eyes. I simultaneously miss him as a newborn, love who he is today, and can’t wait to see who he turns into. I can’t decide if past, present, or future Lewis is my favorite. I guess I just love the little booger so much that he is my favorite all-around!

I’ll post his 6 month picture later this evening. Stay tuned!