My sweet baby has woken up two nights in a row screaming his lungs out shortly after going to bed. Today I was able to calm him down in a matter of minutes, and now I am rocking him as he clings to my shirt and falls asleep. My sweet angel. I wish I knew what was making you sad. But since I don’t, I’ll at least try to be what makes you happy and we can snuggle and rock for a while longer.

Next weekend is our last weekend in this house. We are moving into my mother in law’s basement for an undetermined amount of time, since we still haven’t found a new house.

We have come close twice now, getting picked as backup offers in case the original offer falls through. The odds of that happening are slim, so the search continues. We’re far from discouraged at this point. The hunt has only just begun, and we know the right house will find us if we’re patient and positive.

I hope we can maintain this attitude once we’ve been in tight quarters at my MIL’s for a while. I can imagine getting a little frustrated and claustrophobic there. But even if we are uncomfortable for a bit, it will be worth it in the end. I’m sure of it.

I didn’t get much packing done today. Turns out it is tough to get in the groove when you have to stop to feed or change a baby all the time. Plus he is so cute and fun that I found myself stuck on the floor playing with him. Oops. 🙂

Kyle, on the other hand, made great progress on his to do list. He is taking tomorrow off of work to polish off the last few things. Then I’ll have some help with packing, I hope! Or at least a baby wrangler… that would be the most helpful thing!