6 month appt

We had Lewis’ 6 month well-baby appointment today. Below are the highlights:

  • Lewis is 28 inches tall – 93rd percentile
  • He is 19 lbs 4 oz (on an empty stomach. He had refused bottles all morning at daycare and hadn’t eaten) – 80th percentile
  • He got 3 shots and didn’t even flinch for two of them. The last one he cried for about 2 seconds and then flashed a huge smile. What a champ.
  • His head circumference was unchanged from his 4 month appointment. At that time it was 98th percentile. Now he is only at 50th percentile since it didn’t grow. Doctor said it wasn’t a concern at this point because he is hitting all his developmental milestones, but if it doesn’t grow by his next appointment, we’ll have to get some head scans/imaging. That sounds kind of alarming to me, but we’re trying to remain calm because the medical professionals are still calm at this point. Kind of tough. But we simply don’t have enough data to conclude that there is/isn’t a problem. So we just have to find a way to keep it together until we have another head measurement.

Anyway… my little star is perfectly adorable and charming. He has another cold, but other than not sleeping well, he’s handling it great like always. He usually sleeps a bunch after shots (2 hr nap after his appt this afternoon!), so maybe we’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight so mommy can recharge a little bit.