We did it. We moved out of our house and officially live with Kyle’s mom. We barely made it happen in time, but with help from amazing family and friends, somehow we got everything out and off to various destinations.

At the end of the day, after all helpers had gone on their way, Kyle and I went back just the two of us to grab the last few things and lock up. It was actually quite lovely to take a quiet moment to say goodbye.

We were/are very ready to leave that place behind us. But our lives really started there, so we needed to pay our respects. We moved in shortly after getting married, it was our first house we owned, we remodeled a bit, I was pregnant there, we brought Lewis home there.

And now we are in limbo, with no idea what comes next, or when it is coming. Our little room at my mother-in-law’s is our master bedroom, Lewis’ nursery, and my home office all in one. Our lives are chaos, but it feels safe.

Kyle’s mom welcomed us with a home cooked meal, new socks for Lewis, and a bunch of fancy organic baby food waiting on the counter. She is so enthusiastic about having us here (at least outwardly! Haha!), and that feels good. We’re going to be alright, even if we’re a bit uncomfortable in the tight quarters.

Let the adventure begin!

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