Achievement of the day: making it to the office.

Secondary achievement of the day: looking in the mirror for the first time when already at the office, and proudly realizing that my hair doesn’t look crazy, and I don’t have baby goop of any kind on me or my clothes. I actually look kind of normal. (note to self: This probably would have been a good thing to check before leaving the house.)

These are not normally newsworthy accomplishments. But today, they are. Lewis slept in (and because he is sick, I wasn’t about to wake him!), he wouldn’t eat, didn’t want his meds, wanted to play with everything near the changing pad instead of getting dressed, and then had a blowout and had to be re-dressed.

Oh. And I had to start another load of laundry. That’s 4 loads in 12 hours.

But you guys… I made it to the office, not covered in baby goop. Just in time for my 8:30 meeting.

And 2.5 hrs later, daycare hasn’t called me to come pick Lewis back up. Although there is a high likelihood that they will, due to the antibiotics messing with Lewis’ digestion. They don’t really tolerate projectile vomiting or diarrhea. So… we’ll see how long I get to stay today.

I hope I don’t get fired this week. So far I have left early both Monday and Tuesday (sick baby, signing house papers – yes! we bought a house!), had to work from home on Tuesday, and arrived 45 minutes late to work today. Boss doesn’t seem to be angry with me, but I sure have received a lot of leeway this week… and it is only Wednesday.