8 Months Postpartum

My goal for 8 months postpartum was to be within 2.5 lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight.

Well… I’m not.

I’m 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. And instead of feeling sad because I’m not on track, I’m going to look at the positive and be proud of myself:

I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy and I’ve already lost 45 of them! All without working out or dieting. As a matter of fact, I eat massive amounts of junk food and sweets (moving, working, living with your MIL, and having a baby do not make it easy to cook), and I have still lost the weight.

So look at me. I shouldn’t have lost 45 lbs doing what I’ve been doing. But I have. And that’s amazing!

Imagine what will happen if I ever manage to exercise again (wheeeennnn will I have time for that?!). Imagine how the weight will slide off if I ever manage to eat normal, healthy food regularly again. Imagine how I’ll feel when I take care of my body better!

It has become quite clear, however, that my body shape is completely changed. My silhouette at this weight pre-baby looks drastically different than it does now. Unrecognizable, almost. But I can get on board with the new outline. I just look forward to the days when that new shape is less stretch-marked and jiggly, and more… normal human-consistency.

I’ll get there. My body did all of this shrinking on its own, with no assistance from me whatsoever. Good job, body. I’ll take you the rest of the way when I find a moment. 🙂

Lewis had one of those days where he got poop on all of his spare clothes at daycare so he was wearing some of daycare’s community clothes when I picked him up.

Apparently they go “by the book” when choosing what size to put babies in. This is not the best strategy for supersized babies. Lewis looked like the hulk in the 6-9 months size clothes! Good for a laugh!