Doc ended up giving Lewis steroids to help with his breathing, and he slept really well after we finally got home. When he finally woke up around 8, I heard him blowing raspberries over the baby monitor and walked in to find him sitting up in his crib and smiling. So glad we went in to get help.

Of course, when I called the pediatrician’s after hours line, they kind of told me we had to go in. No other options were provided.

But at this point, the only way you’d know he is sick is by how clingy he is. And by how tired I am. So we’re doing alright!

Lewis is home for 2 days from daycare. So I have to figure out how to clear some space to set up my work computer at home. Hard to make that happen when he is this clingy. Once kiddo is down for his nap, that’s mission number one!

Major accomplishments for the day:

1. Finished painting Lewis’ room.

2. Got rid of packing paper and empty boxes.

3. Got dish soap!

4. Scheduled a meeting with a custom cabinet guy to get a quote for a pantry.

5. Found the toaster.

6. Hung Christmas stockings.

The cleaners are coming Friday, and I’m feeling optimistic that they may actually have something to clean. 🙂