I was going to write about the things we’d accomplished in the house before bed last night, but the list was too long (yay!) and I was too tired (not yay).

I’m still too tired. I’m up with Lewis for the 3rd? 4th? 800th? time. I have lost count.

I can’t wait until he feels better. This is super hard.

I was able to be productive on the work front today. But my tired, broken brain made me forget to bring my pump parts with me to the office, despite the fact that they were packed and sitting right by the back door.

I can’t imagine my boss is super pleased with me for needing to leave mid morning and work from home again. Lots of special accommodation for me again this week. I hate that I have to worry about how being a mom will affect my performance/pay reviews. It feels wrong. Being a working mom is the biggest struggle of my life.