We hosted Christmas eve last night, and it was lovely! Our new house folds people in and feels like it was built for gatherings. I really enjoyed hosting, and that isn’t something I could say of gatherings in any previous homes. It just felt good to fill our house up with people. And the fact that it was family made it that much better.

However, I ended up staying up late because the party kept on going. I’m pleased as punch that people were enjoying themselves enough to want to stay, but I will pay for it for days with lack of sleep.

Lewis woke up less than an hour after I fell asleep. And he has woken up every two hours or less all night after that. It is 5:45 am and I think I’m up for the 4th time. But it might be the 5th.

Lewis does not care that I stayed up late. He has zero sympathy.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get a nap for Christmas. Wouldn’t that be lovely!

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