Trying to find new tricks to clear the duct on the internet. La Leche League says I should rest. That I should immediately go to bed and nurse my baby.

If only real life worked like that.

Still no fever. Still no relief. Still nothing the doctor can do.

Just gotta keep trying the same tricks until I either get a fever and can take antibiotics, or until the plugged duct goes away.


Woke up with a plugged milk duct at Lewis’ 4:45 feeding (3rd feeding of the night!). Fed him, and it didn’t clear. Feeding him on the same side again now to try to clear it. I hope it does the trick, because I don’t have fond memories of mastitis.

Lots of firsts this weekend!

Lewis’ first Christmas was a success. He is a very enthusiastic gift receiver, cheering and yelling about each and every thing he got. It was rewarding for all gifters, I think. And magical for me and Kyle to experience Christmas in this new way.

Our first house guest slept comfortably in the guest room. I’ve never loved house guests, but in this house I didn’t mind so much. It just feels natural that it is filled up. Plus my dad was a great first guest. He pitched in around the house with things big and small. Like painting the stairwell, dishes, breaking down boxes, and watching Lewis while Kyle and I did other things. What a nice bonus!

As previously noted, our first party at the new house was also lovely. Everyone seemed comfortable in our home, and everyone left with full bellies and smiles on their faces. It was a very satisfying experience.

Lewis continues to sleep poorly, and Kyle and I continue to pull the house together despite the exhaustion. We’re happy at the end of the day. Very happy.