Still no relief. Called doctor again, and my favorite nurse offered solutions. I am picking up antibiotics tonight, and going to a “therapeutic ultrasound” in the morning. Between the two things, hopefully I’ll feel better.

Physically, we’re still TBD. But mentally, I’m significantly improved. It really helps to know that I actually get to try to fix the problem.

If I don’t feel better in two days with the meds + the ultrasound, I have to go in for an appointment. Crossing fingers!

Stalemate in the war on the clogged duct.

It still hurts, but I still don’t have a fever, so it doesn’t seem to be progressing.

I cannot figure out how to clear it. I’ve tried everything I know, everything I found on the web, and everything the nurse told me. Very perplexed at this point.

Took warm bath with baby. Showered. Massaged. Now feeding baby and hoping that I’ve done enough to kick this.

The nice nurse I talked to on the phone at the doctor today said to call tomorrow and ask for her, whether I feel better or not. Because she “will be thinking about me”. I love that. She is the same nurse I talked to a few times when I was scared about something with my pregnancy. She is a great lady, and it is lovely when someone cares about you like that. I always feel relieved when she is the one to take my call.