I had my ultrasound therapy this morning. After that and 5 doses of antibiotics, we seem to be on the road to recovery. The therapist wanted me to come in for ultrasound therapy twice a day for three days. I don’t have time for that, so I’m just crossing fingers for complete recovery with what I’ve done. If not, I’ll go in next week. I won’t die from this in the meantime.

In other news… Lewis is still sleeping like a baby every night. Meaning he wakes up a ton, obviously.

New game – convince mom you’re asleep and then wake up as soon as she is back in bed and stand up in the crib and shriek with delight. Mom will think you’ll fall back asleep soon, but she doesn’t know you’re standing up. So eventually she’ll come in to see why you haven’t shut up, and you can jump up and down and smile because now she knows how good you are at standing up. She probably forgot how you stood up a bunch during the day because adults have bad short term memories just like babies. Very important to remind mom.