3:40 pm. Kyle just got up.

I counted. I got 4 hrs of sleep last night. Never more than 1 hr at a time.

I would have loved to nap today while Lewis napped, but so far he has only slept about 30 mins at a time and that’s not enough time for me to make it to dreamland.

He has been taking excellent naps for a few days. Between 1 and 3 hrs each. But not today…

Solo mom duty with basically no break today. And we’re snowed in so I can’t go to the store either. Just home with Lewis and no food.

Cabin fever and exhaustion. Excellent combo.

Only 40 minutes this last time. And I didn’t get to sleep for any of those minutes because my poor sick husband was tossing and turning the whole time.

He decided to go sleep on the couch, but Lewis woke up when Kyle walked down the stairs.

These nights suck. All nights have sucked for the last few months. But this kind of night is on another level.

Kyle is sick again. He’s putting in as much parenting effort as he can while he has a fever, but I’m bearing most of it. Again. At least only one of us is catching everything, I guess. I’m mostly well.

My clogged duct seems to have been satisfied with one ultrasound treatment and the antibiotics. I feel completely back to normal and very grateful.

I get to host kyle’s sister’s baby shower at our house at the end of this month. I feel very honored and very excited to fill our house up with people again. Another celebration under our roof. We haven’t been here long, and already our new house is a joyful place. I love it here.

We’re supposed to go on a lunch date to the movies tomorrow to see star wars. Our babysitter – kyle’s mom – also came down with a fever. So the date may be cancelled if she still isn’t well by the morning. I already bought the tickets online. Lesson learned – if you have a kid, don’t buy tickets to anything in advance.

It isn’t even 1 am and Lewis is already up for the second time. Endless exhaustion continues into 2016.

The cleaners came again yesterday. Heaven is also known as MY HOUSE.

I installed a tension rod shower caddy in our shower last night. It uninstalled itself about 30 minutes ago. Very loudly.

We got Blue Apron food delivery for 2 weeks as a Christmas gift from kyle’s sister. First delivery comes this week. I’m very much looking forward to it. It may just be my favorite Christmas gift of all time. Things that get delivered are my favorite thing as a working mom.

Working mom. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder to myself how much longer I’m going to have to be that. And then I remember, “oh yea. Forever.” and wish I hadn’t had that thought.

To be clear, being a mom isn’t the “ugh” part. Even if it is the harder of the two roles. Working is definitely the “ugh” part. It takes away from the being a mom part, which is 10,000% more satisfying. There. I said it.

I relocated Lewis’ laundry baskets from the closet to next to the dresser so they’re easier to reach from the changing table. Hideously ugly to have them out in the open like that. But so much more convenient. And I am a big fan of things that make my life simpler. So I’m quite happy with the change.

This post is very disjointed. I kinda like it. And I’m hungry.