Lewis has not caught the flu (yet. Knock on wood), my fever is gone and my appetite returned (at 4am. Rather inconvenient timing), and Kyle’s fever seems to have broken. He still feels lousy, but it is the first real sign of improvement for him. So we’re glad.

The snow and ice are melting, which is great. Tomorrow we’ll all be back to normal, going to work/daycare and not being so darn sick. Maybe we’ll manage to get the house back in order too. Daily tasks have been neglected. I guess we’ll start with laundry!

Remember when I mentioned that the flu shot isn’t 100% effective? Yeaaaa… I came down with a fever this afternoon. What I’ve got is nowhere near as bad as Kyle, so I’m still grateful for my flu shot. But my main concern is that Lewis doesn’t catch it.

This has been a tough month or two health wise for our (extended) family. Just recently we’ve had a broken hip, cancer, croup, mastitis, ear infection, pink eye, flu, and today with all the ice in town, a loved one slipped and hit his head and has to stay overnight at the hospital.

I think it is time for the drama to stop. We’ve had enough, thank you very much.