Lewis and I arrived at daycare today after a week away, and his teachers’ jaws hit the floor. They all exclaimed, “oh my gosh! He’s huge! He’s a little BOY, not a baby!”

I guess he’s grown.

He better have grown. Otherwise all of the nighttime feedings haven’t been worth it!

It’s funny when you see someone every day you don’t notice the changes as much. I mean, I’ve had shocking moments where I can see him as an 18 year old – mostly when he is wearing “grown up clothes” and practicing walking – but I don’t notice a stark difference in his size.

After that reaction, I’m very excited to go to his 9 month checkup and see where we are on the growth charts! I’m also curious to see what the doctor has to say about all the nighttime feedings and the ratio of breastmilk to solid foods.

Oh… and I think we need to get a new carseat. Lewis’ feet hang off the front and his head is almost to the top of it too. I didn’t think he’d grow out of it so soon! Ugh!

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