9 months old!

Yesterday, Lewis turned 9 months old! I was so busy that I didn’t get much of a chance to mark the occasion, and the 9 month picture has yet to be snapped. I hope to take it and post it today!

It is amazing to reflect on the fact that kiddo has been outside in the world just as long as he was inside my belly. From today forward, the world will be more his home than I am.

Excuse me while I get extremely sentimental.

I am truly, truly happy as Lewis’ mom. In my moments (weeks? months?) of exhaustion, desperation, and concern, it can sometimes seem like I’m not enjoying motherhood. But even when I’m not happy on the surface, I am happy at my core.

This is my calling. This is what brings me joy.

Letting the world become his home is a strange, emotional experience. I know that he still needs me more than anyone in the world, but 9 months feels big. I feel less ownership over his existence, and I can see his independence growing. I’m so proud of him, but missing him more and more each time he learns something new and needs me less.

I love you, Lewis!

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