Poor Lewis spent the whole day yesterday with a fever. And in the afternoon, we added vomiting to the mix.

It was gross, and as always, I was the only parent around for it. He always saves it special for mama.

The vomiting happened while eating. Like, he’d be in the process of breastfeeding, and he’d pop off and vomit everything up. I figured it was just a bug, but just to be sure I was doing everything right, I called the pediatrician’s after hours line.

I’m glad I did. They gave me lots of information about how to manage his fever, keep him hydrated, and be gentle on his tummy until he felt better.

The main marching order was to feed him only breastmilk for the next day (ish), and to only do 5 minutes at a time. This was intended to keep him hydrated, but not irritate his tummy with too much milk protein. If he vomited that up, I was to switch to pedialyte.

Here we are, after a very rough night of a screaming, uncomfortable baby, and Lewis has not vomited up the breastmilk, his fever has broken, and I’d say we’re on the mend and don’t have to follow any of the rest of the major protocols.

I will have another day of running on little sleep, and my arms will be sore from holding and bouncing the screaming boy for hours (while standing, since he wouldn’t let me sit down), but it’s all worth it if he is feeling better. I’m so glad tummy bugs are usually short-lived.

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