Angel child is still doing okay with his croup cough. His breathing is still completely normal, and he has actually slept better than average.

I’m so proud of him for being so tough when he is sick. He usually just gets more clingy, and otherwise has a great attitude.

I’m not sure what to do about daycare. If I take him, I’m wondering if they’ll just send him home…? When I took him to the ER last time, they said croup was just a mild virus like the common cold and that it just sounded worse because of the cough and the darth vader breathing. So that makes it sound like he can go. But the cough is alarming enough that maybe they won’t want him there?

I wish there was an easy answer! I have a couple more hours to decide… I guess I’ll keep thinking about it.

Sweet baby sounds like he has croup again. His breathing is ok – thank goodness – but he has that barking cough again.

I’m currently rocking him while he sleeps, since he doesn’t seem to want to be put back down in his crib. I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow so I could do this all night for my poor baby.

Let’s hope his breathing stays good so we don’t have to go to the hospital and get steroids. I do not have fond memories of the side effects of the steroids!


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Lewis learned a new trick today!

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