I feel dumb for not giving him Tylenol earlier. It is almost 9am and kiddo is still sleeping.

Note to self: if your child is teething so badly that he has a blood blister on his gums and then screams instead of sleeping, he is in pain. Give him the Tylenol the first time he wakes up. Not the 5th.

Poor baby boy has a blood blister in his mouth due to a tooth trying to pop through. I think it must be causing him some significant pain, since he keeps waking up screaming bloody murder.

I am, once again, exhausted. But I just gave him some Tylenol and am attempting to rock him back to sleep. Hopefully now that he’s got some pain killers in him he’ll actually stay asleep for more than an hour.

I hate it when he is uncomfortable or sad in any way. He does seem comforted just being in my arms. So at least that helps both him and my heart.