My sweet baby has bronchiolitis. After much coughing, much vomiting (sometimes caused by coughing, sometimes not), much wheezing, a mildly increased temperature, and constant fatigue (even after a 2.5 hr nap), my instincts told me that clingy, sad baby might have something wrong with him.

So I did what any mother would do. I called my mom!

And naturally, my mother told me to call the doctor. She’s so wise. Which is exactly why I called her. 🙂

Doc said to bring kiddo in right away, and she quickly diagnosed him with bronchiolitis. She said it is peaking now and should be at its height for the next couple days, then it should take a few weeks for him to slowly return to normal.

In the meantime, we basically treat it like croup, with the humidifier, suctioning his nose, and general tender love and care. If he has labored breathing or a fever of 100.4 that lasts for more than a couple days, we may be looking at pneumonia. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate to that.

Oh. And he shouldn’t go to daycare while it is peaking because it is still contagious. So that’s great. My work will be thrilled. Hopefully Kyle can take a day too. So we can split it. Of course, if I wasn’t worried about what work thought, I’d stay home both days. I just want to be with my baby.

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