We’re on the mend. Doc said we’d peak over the next few days, but I think we’re already coming back down the other side.

Today was free from vomiting and fevers, the wheezing and coughing were manageable, and the clinginess and fatigue were noticeably reduced.

So kiddo will return to daycare tomorrow so he can catch the next thing….

He really has had bad luck. If there is something to catch, he seems to get it. Except the flu. Thank goodness for the flu shot, because I’m sure that would have taken him down too if it weren’t for the vaccine!

It can be tough to stay positive when you feel like it is one thing after another. But I try. Just like everything else in my life, I try so hard.

In that spirit: I’m grateful for Lewis’ doctor, for my husband, for Lewis’ tough guy, nothing-can-keep-me-down attitude, for Tylenol, for the ability to work from home with him when he needs me, and for the absence of chronic illness and allergies.

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