Coughing until he vomits is back. In the middle if the night, of course. Poor little angel. He doesn’t love this. Such a sad baby. And I flinch every time he coughs. You never know how it will end.

Also, he keeps rubbing his bottom teeth against his top tooth. I hope he stops soon. That’s a bad habit and will not do good things for his teeth. It sounds truly terrible.

Anyway, I’m on my second set of jammies for the night. Lewis is on his third. Let’s hope that’s it for the wardrobe changes!

Today Lewis went back to daycare and they almost didn’t let him stay because I didn’t have a doctors note.

I left him there with a promise to send a note asap, and called the doc to get one on my way to the office. Dodged that bullet.

When I picked Lewis up, they informed me that he had only had one ounce of milk all day long. I brought 15 oz of precious, pumped milk. 14 went to waste.

Lewis fell off his growth trajectories at 4 months old. The doctor isn’t worried about it, but it bothers me. I know he is still big and strong and healthy, but when your baby stops gaining weight for months on end, even losing weight at times… you start to worry as a parent.

So I do have to point out that he started daycare at 4 months old as well. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that he doesn’t f@#%ing eat at daycare. Just sayin.

I hate that I have to leave him there. When I take care of him, he thrives on a different level. He eats, he isn’t sick all the time, he naps… all important things for a baby to grow and develop and be strong. When I give him over to strangers, this happens.

Ok. Pity party over.