Today Lewis went back to daycare and they almost didn’t let him stay because I didn’t have a doctors note.

I left him there with a promise to send a note asap, and called the doc to get one on my way to the office. Dodged that bullet.

When I picked Lewis up, they informed me that he had only had one ounce of milk all day long. I brought 15 oz of precious, pumped milk. 14 went to waste.

Lewis fell off his growth trajectories at 4 months old. The doctor isn’t worried about it, but it bothers me. I know he is still big and strong and healthy, but when your baby stops gaining weight for months on end, even losing weight at times… you start to worry as a parent.

So I do have to point out that he started daycare at 4 months old as well. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that he doesn’t f@#%ing eat at daycare. Just sayin.

I hate that I have to leave him there. When I take care of him, he thrives on a different level. He eats, he isn’t sick all the time, he naps… all important things for a baby to grow and develop and be strong. When I give him over to strangers, this happens.

Ok. Pity party over.

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