In the midst of all the sleep-deprivation, sickness, and eating concerns, I have stopped reporting milestones! Oops!

Recently, as I mentioned in my last post, Lewis started himself on a one-nap-per-day routine. This is both awesome and totally inconvenient. It is awesome because it is predictable and long. It is inconvenient because it is usually from about lunch time to about 3pm – AKA prime errands-running time. And I am stuck in the house. But mostly, it is a positive thing! If only it would work at daycare…

I also posted the video of him clicking his tongue. This is a pretty adorable new skill. And he does it on demand! If you click your tongue at him, he’ll do it back. It almost feels like we’re having our first conversation where he logically responds to something we do. I love it!

I think I also posted a video of him letting go of support with both hands and trying to stand. Amazing. He hasn’t succeeded in staying standing yet, but he is letting go with increasing frequency. And sometimes he even tries to go from sitting straight to standing without support. It always ends in a dramatic *SPLAT!*, but someday he’ll get it!

Lewis’ 4th tooth has finally come through the gums. I think we’re on day 5 of no Tylenol after dealing with teething since Christmas for the two top teeth. Phew!

Lewis has also developed an “attitude” – meaning that if you take away something he likes, prevent him from doing something he would like to be doing, or try to make him do something he doesn’t want to do, he gets angry. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distract him from those feelings, because he remembers long enough now that you can’t fool him. While this has resulted in more meltdowns, it is also a pretty cool milestone. It is a marked change in his mental development, and I find it fascinating to watch him learn and watch his brain wire itself.

I’m looking forward to seeing where his preferences start to fall, and I can also see that this is leading towards a new milestone, where he understands rules and expectations. So I have started saying “no” to him, and redirecting him when he is doing things that he shouldn’t do. Kyle and I are also both praising him for doing appropriate things. I feel like we’re on the cusp of him starting to understand what our reactions mean in regards to how he should behave. Very cool. You can almost see his brain working.

Lewis’ pincer grip is getting better! He has almost fed himself cheerios a couple times. He just hasn’t quite figured out how to let go of the cheerio once it gets to his mouth. Or… well… he does let go, but he misses his mouth. Again, I can see him making the connections each time he tries and fails. It is absolutely fascinating. Watching your baby learn is really very rewarding!

Mama Milestone: I’m 1.5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Woo! A little behind “schedule”, but still pretty darn great!

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