The Search Continues

You may be wondering (but probably not) how my soul-searching is going. Remember when I said that I was trying to figure out what my soul wants?

Well, so far all I’ve figured out is that I still love Lewis, I’d like to go shopping and freshen up my wardrobe, and I’d really like to tone up my legs.

My soul is really not leading me in a clear direction. Maybe it is too tired.

But even if I don’t have any answers yet, I have been poking around at some things to put me on a better path. It’s just that nothing I’ve poked has turned out to be the life-changer I’m looking for. And I’m not going to shake things up just for the thrill of shaking. It has to be right. Otherwise…what’s the point? If it isn’t right, then I’ll just start poking around for something new again before you know it.

What could the answer be? A new hobby? A new job? A trip? A week off of work? A new daycare solution I haven’t thought of yet? A simple schedule tweak? A miraculous way to find time and energy to exercise? Taking a class? What do I need?! I don’t know!

So things are staying as they are for now. But that could change in an instant, if my soul starts to speak more clearly.

It isn’t the answer to all of my life’s questions, but I guess In the meantime I’ll listen to the things my soul has told me and I’ll snuggle my kid every moment I can, I’ll try Stitch Fix to (hopefully) find something new to wear, and I’ll do some squats while I brush my teeth. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

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