Sick baby has now had 3 doses of antibiotics. They’re already messing with his tummy. But it’s worth it because the fever is a thing of the past, and he is clearly already feeling loads better.

I am really becoming a believer in the “your baby doesn’t sleep cuz he’s sick” theory. Again, pulling Lewis out of daycare would sure help. But since that isn’t an option, let’s hear it for antibiotics. He slept way better last night after his first dose, and he went down easy tonight. TBD how the rest of the night goes, but a 20 minute bedtime instead of an hour or more is a nice improvement even if the rest of the night us bad.

And what am I doing with my extra time before I go to sleep? Well, husband is at the auto show with his dad, so I did a few chores, and then I did about 5 minutes of butt-toning exercises, and now I plan to read a book.

Yes! For the first time in probably a year, I’m reading a book! My whole life I’ve been such an avid reader. But I’ve had a string of books I didn’t like kind of stop me in my tracks. I don’t like to start a book and not finish it, so when I dislike a book, I just don’t pick it up, but don’t let myself admit that I’m not going to read to the end.

In the past couple years I’ve started to allow myself the freedom to hate a book and put it down permanently. No more denial, pretending I’ll finish it.

But each time I’ve let myself quit a book, I’ve picked up another that I hated and gotten stuck on. Not to mention the busy-ness and the baby…. So after nearly a year off, I’m trying again. And it feels good. I love to read, and this book is starting off okay. So maybe I’ll make it through!

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