Lewis was up 3 times last night. He went back down pretty easily each time, which I’m grateful for, but I’m a little extra tired today due to being awakened a few too many times after an exhausting day.

I did our taxes over the weekend, and we’re getting back significantly less than I anticipated. We adjusted our withholdings last year, but with the extra medical expenses, child care expenses, and the child deduction, we thought we’d be somewhere close to where we were last year with our refund. I guess the withholdings adjustment made a bigger difference than we thought! Oh well!

BUT! Kyle’s company messed up his W-2, and of course I didn’t check the mail on Saturday and therefore did our taxes with the wrong W-2. Now I have to go back and do an adjusted return. I think it will result in slightly more money coming back to us, but I’m so peeved that I got that  major task off the list and then have to do it again!

I will find the time. Somehow.

Bright spot in my day: My first Stitch Fix delivery is arriving today, and I’m super excited to try on the clothes when I get home. Hopefully something they send fits! And once our tax refund comes, I get to go on a little shopping spree to find some more new clothes to fit this new mom-body I’ve acquired. I need to get out of this rut!

Bedtime is a nightmare just like naps were. At this point, I have to assume he is in pain. So I give him some Tylenol.

But he is crying and screaming so hard that the addition of Tylenol to the picture makes him choke and vomit so violently that it comes out his nose.

Now I have successfully administered Tylenol, and he is snuggling on my chest, hyperventilating, but slowly winding down and getting close to sleep.

What is hurting him? God only knows. Perhaps he is getting sick with something else. Or maybe those other two top teeth we thought were coming in a month ago are actually coming now.

All I know is I’ve never seen him that distraught. Tough stuff. Am I allowed to take a mental health day from work to recover from today’s baby sleep issues?

This is a picture of a very tired mama. Threw my sister in law a baby shower on a day when Lewis protested naps. It was worth it because the party was fun and mama-to-be deserves to be celebrated. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. But if I could rewind, I’d try to figure out a trick to get kiddo to take his afternoon nap!