Due to the intentional head banging and the lack of sleep and abundance of screaming if he doesn’t have Tylenol, I called the doctor today. We’re going in tomorrow after work.

Dr. Google says that intentional head banging can be a tactic to distract from the pain of an earache. There are other explanations as well, but since Lewis is being treated with antibiotics for an ear infection right now, and seems to be in pain, we think that is the most logical conclusion.

He has now been on antibiotics for 6 days. So if his ear is still hurting, something is not right. Doc was very much pro-seeing-Lewis just to make sure.

We have a good doctor. They never make you feel dumb for calling, and they err on the side of caution most of the time. But they also don’t play things up that aren’t a big deal. With the exception of Lewis’ weight, I’ve been very pleased with the way they have been handling his seemingly endless illness!