All day today Lewis has been super duper whiny. The only two things that help? Eating. Or sleeping.

He took two extremely long naps, ate some of my lunch, can hardly go 90 minutes without boob access, and has been downing baby food like no one’s business.

HOPEFULLY this is all a sign that Lewis is gaining weight! After chugging all his bottles at daycare all week, I’m feeling optimistic!

Two major accomplishments to report:

1. LEWIS DRANK ALL OF HIS BOTTLES AT DAYCARE THREE DAYS IN A ROW. I figured out that he’d take them if you stand up while you feed him. And one of the teachers figured out that if you crawl around on the floor with him while holding the bottle in his mouth, he’ll drink. So those two strategies seem to have solved the problem once and for all!

Also, Lewis’ daycare teachers are angels. They are willing to do ANYTHING for their kiddos. Crawling around on the floor to get one of them to eat? No problem. Amazing.

2. Lewis fed himself today! He brought a little snack thing to his mouth and actually got it inside! Pincer grip level 100!