Tried to amend our tax return today. I found out we’ll be getting another $500 back, but unfortunately Turbo Tax doesn’t have the 2015 amended form available yet. So we have to wait another week until that’s released so we can submit and get our money.

So tax attempt #3 is coming up next week. Haha man, sometimes things can just drag on and on! But at least we are getting more money back. That’s sweet!

Happy 10 month birthday to my sweet baby! Lewis is very adventurous, always exploring and cruising and trying to stand without support. Life is full of head bonking and falling during this learning phase. But nothing will stop this kiddo from trying new things!

Tried something new yesterday: skipped an evening feeding and replaced it with solids and a cup of water.

It went over great. Lewis was thrilled!

However, I am now up at 2:45 am to feed Lewis and had to change his jammies and sleep sack because he had peed through his overnight diaper. The overnight diapers are so absorbant that I normally don’t have to change him in the middle of the night. But after that cup of water, kiddo was apparently VERY hydrated!