College Fund!

Just like that, Lewis has a college fund! I had my dad do some research on the Oregon College Savings plan, and we decided it sounded like a good strategy for saving for Lewis’ future. So I opened one up today!

It’s pretty cool, because it grows over time (Dad picked some portfolios that he thought seemed safe/reliable), and anyone can contribute if they want to. Maybe we’ll ask for college fund contributions instead of presents for his 1st birthday? Hmm… just a thought.

We also get to write off any contributions we make on our taxes each year. Woohoo!

So now we have both a retirement fund and a college fund set up. Even if we can’t contribute much at this point, at least the whole family is started on a “funding the future” plan. And we can always ramp up contributions as our financial situation changes. It is just such a RELIEF to have it started!

Next grown-up goals? Life insurance and a will. Gotta cover Lewis for all possible turns life can take.

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