Two blowouts, one bloody nipple, vomit in Lewis’ hair, snot everywhere I look.

Food refused, milk consumed only in small amounts, naps elusive, screaming abounds.

And it is only 2:30pm. Plenty of day left.

Today it is hard to be a mom. Wishing I didn’t have this headache and a pile of work to do.

Oh boy. Lewis got me with this one. My head is killing me and my nose is stuffed. He has taken me down. Just waiting for my ears to start hurting. I know 3 grown ups with sinus infections and ear infections too. So it is definitely going around.

My immune system usually keeps these things at bay. I’m not one to get sick frequently. I mean… how many times has Lewis been sick, and despite all the cuddles and coughing in my face…. count how many times I’ve been sick.

Ugh. But this one is brutal. The headache is unbearable. No wonder he screamed so much!

6:45 pm bedtime tonight for kiddo. He was just so whiny and sick, it was obvious bedtime had arrived early.

My sweet angel. I hate seeing him so miserable. Hopefully he’ll be loads better in the morning after this first dose of antibiotics has started doing the trick.

Sometime between the urgent care visit on Saturday and today, Lewis developed an ear infection to accompany his pink eye.

This afternoon, daycare called because kiddo had a fever. I called the doc to bring him in to get checked since he looked a whole lot sicker than just pink eye would explain.

Sure enough.

Since this is his 3rd ear infection in 2.5 months, we’re now on high alert. He has another appt in 2 weeks to check to make sure this has cleared up. And if he gets another ear infection in the next 3.5 months, we have to go to a specialist.

Anyway… that explains why kiddo was so grumpy for Nonny and Pop Pop yesterday while Kyle and I had our valentine’s day date. And the mystery of the shitty night of sleep is also solved!