On a lighter note – everyone at work keeps saying that I look like I’ve lost weight. I haven’t really – still hovering around 1.5-3 lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight – but that’s a nice thing to hear anyway.

I guess my new jeans from Stitch Fix and a few cute new tops that fit properly have created a nice optical illusion!

But the time has come to wage war on my stretch marks. With help from my sister-in-law, I found a gym near our new house. I will be quitting my old gym and signing up with the one closer to our house as soon as I can. Sick baby has delayed things a few days, but I’m sure I’ll find a way someday.

Hitting my pre-pregnancy weight will be a great accomplishment. I’m looking forward to it. But the war on stretch marks is my new focus. They’re on my thighs/rear-end, and I’m embarrassed by them. I’d like to feel comfortable in a swimsuit so I can take Lewis to some baby-and-me swim classes. Tiger stripes on my legs do not make me want to wear a swimsuit.

I’ll win the war, my friends. Just not sure how long it will drag on. Depends a whole lot on sick baby!

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