Sleepy eating and “I’m absolutely starving” eating still work for kiddo. So bedtime and middle-of-the-night feedings went well. Lewis also slept almost 7 hours between his nighttime feeding and when he woke up this morning, so he was starving and ate fine at 6:30am today too.

That’s good information. We’re not doing cold turkey. And now that we’re into the work week again, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to gather information about daytime feedings. So we’ll just keep on trucking and assume that he was just having an extremely bad day yesterday… I guess.

Kyle thinks rejecting the boob (especially the right side. the left went better yesterday) has something to do with being laid on his side since his ears still seem to be hurting, despite being on antibiotics for a week. Interesting theory. There could be something to that.

Anyway… Lewis and I both woke up this morning hacking and coughing. His breathing sounds gunky again, like it sounded when he had bronchiolitis. And he barfed a couple times this morning from coughing too. But just a little bit… so we’re going to let it slide.

My “sickness” hasn’t been terrible. After that first day, my immune system of steel kicked in, and I’ve just been a little sleepy, a little cough-y, and a little snotty in the morning. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t even call myself sick.

Lewis, though, is definitely sick still. No surprises there. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is going around daycare right now. Please cross your fingers for us that he doesn’t catch that too.

Not sure what is happening. Lewis has refused the boob almost all day, except for before naps.

I’m engorged and suffering. And confused. He’s refused most solids too… but water is acceptable. And butternut squash. And banana crackers. But that’s it.

Everything he doesn’t want, including the breast, he turns down by blowing raspberries at it.

So here I sit. Pumping. And I should have gotten one of the big bottles. Cuz this little one isn’t gonna cut it.

I hope Lewis hasn’t decided to quit the boob cold turkey. Especially since he also doesn’t like bottles. But seriously. The pain. Please no cold turkey, kid.