giggle monster

This morning on the way to daycare, Lewis sat in his carseat in the back and just giggled and pointed at things for the whole drive. Totally entertained by himself, and full of joy.

That filled my cup for the day. Such a special, adorable, sweet little baby boy.

To go, or not to go…

I’m supposed to fly to Kentucky for my little brother’s graduation from his
master’s program in May.

At first I was like… yea! I’m in! Time with my family! Going somewhere new! Yesssss!

But after thinking about it more…I’m terrified. Because Lewis is supposed to come
with me.

Rent a car seat, or bring ours? Have to buy an umbrella
stroller. Check or carry on the pack n play? What on earth will I do
with him in an airplane for hours on end with nowhere to go and no
comfortable place to nap? How will I manage the time difference and
bedtime? What will I do when the rest of the family wants to go out and
do things during the day, and Lewis needs to nap for three hours at the
hotel? What about breastfeeding on the plane/out in public when Lewis gets distracted so easily and pulls off the breast, causing me to spray everywhere?

I’m reeling my enthusiasm back in. Not sure I can handle the trip with him at this age.

No-tylenol-night went fine in the end! Besides 2nd bedtime, Lewis only woke up once to eat. He is still sleeping now, but I’m awake because Kyle gets up super early on Tuesdays for work.

But yay Lewis!

Trying a no-tylenol-night, since Lewis’ day and evening were so stellar (two hour nap at daycare! Drank his bottles! Ate tons of food! Didn’t scream all evening at home!)

So far, however, the no-tylenol-night is not going well. Initial bedtime was easy, but we’re having second bedtime less than an hour later. Second bedtimes are infrequent nowadays…

This kiddo is tricky, I tell ya! Tricky tricky!

I joined the gym near our house! Huzzah! A 5 minute drive, and I can get a quick sweat in whenever I want!

AKA whenever Kyle is home to watch the baby.