More tylenol at nap time. Poor Lewis.

Now the question is… teething or ears? Both? They look so similar….

I say ears. Kyle says teeth.

I guess we will find out Monday when we go in for his ear follow up. Tylenol all the time for now.

Lewis just barfed in my ear and in my hair.


I was going to go to the gym this morning. But I have to shower immediately. And it makes no sense to go to the gym right after a shower. So ill go this evening instead.

I can’t believe he barfed in my ear. That’s so gross.

Tylenol did the trick. He went back to sleep in no time after the Tylenol. I wish he’d given clearer signs that he was in pain so I could have given it to him sooner.

I woke up with a terrible headache after such a bad night. And I feel like I have sand paper for eyelids. But of course Lewis is awake and cheerful like nothing happened.

Good thing Kyle is happy to get up to get him and do a diaper etc. That way I at least get to stay in bed and feed him here when the boys come back. And once he is fed, I can be horizontal while he climbs all over us in bed. I’m just not ready to get up yet!

It has been 2 hours and 10 minutes since he woke up. And he is still f%ing awake.

I just gave him some Tylenol. He hasn’t been screaming as long as I hold him. Just when I put him down and try to leave. I even laid on the floor next to the crib and sang to him for a while and he didn’t scream. It seems to just be a separation thing…? But no matter what I do, he doesn’t sleep. I don’t really know if Tylenol is the right thing to do. But I am at my wit’s end.

So I stepped away for a minute to collect myself because I was so angry, and then I gave him the Tylenol and now I’m rocking him. Again. And he’s just talking and playing with my face.

I mean… at some point he has to fall asleep. He can’t stay awake forever. But boy does it feel like he’s aiming for forever.

I feel like I could die.

We haven’t had sleep issues for a while. I say we have the antibiotics to thank for that.

Now that we’re off of them, Lewis is back to his old ways. And I am not a fan. It’s interesting how you can love someone so much, but at the same time you want to tape their eyes shut. I’m so tired.

He just won’t go back to sleep after his night waking. And he keeps yanking at his ear.

I swear. These ears of his.

Lewis is really making progress on the standing-on-his-own project!! Today he stood on his own for almost 10 seconds before realizing what he was doing and then falling.


He has also gained some more weight, if our bathroom scale is to be trusted. I’m obviously thrilled about that. What a relief.

And we finished up antibiotics yesterday for the ear infection. Now we wait through the weekend and go to the doctor on Monday to check for fluid in his ears. Really hoping there isn’t any. I know tubes aren’t a huge deal, but it would be so nice if he just got well and didn’t need more interventions. But at the end of the day, we’ll do whatever we need to in order to help him. Come hell or crushing medical bills, we will take care of Baby Lewis!!

And finally, today Lewis took a THREE AND A HALF HOUR NAP. I kid you not. In the middle of my work day, which was awesome. Made getting work done very easy. 🙂