I do have fluid in my ears and swollen glands in my throat, but the doc said no ear infection or strep for me. Just a virus! So that’s good. Nice to avoid antibiotics. Although I do feel pretty crummy… the fever chills are probably the worst part.

But it isn’t life threatening. I’ll be alright! 🙂

Everything hurts. Fever of 100.4. I’m taking kiddo to daycare and then going to the doctor. I’m concerned that I may have my own ear infection. Or maybe strep throat. Best to just check.

Took ibuprofen before bed to deal with the aches and pains and fever. Brought my fever down and turned me into a sweaty mess.

Ibuprofen has now worn off and I feel cold all over again. Headache, sore ear and sore throat are also all back.

And Lewis is not interested in going back to sleep.

I’m so cold! I wish he’d go back to sleep simply because I need to snuggle up under the blankets!

Today was a good day for a few reasons, not just because Lewis seemed to be feeling better.

I had a rough day yesterday after too little sleep and an uncomfortable conversation with a friend that left me with some bruised feelings. So it was really nice that today was better.

The main reason it was good was because I got to Skype with my maid of honor/sister from another mister/soulmate in the morning, all the way from Sweden. She and I don’t connect enough, and she is a true angel in my life. Talking with her filled my cup right up.

It also thrilled me to pieces that Lewis ate like a champ today. He didn’t breastfeed much (and when he did, he bit me! Boo!), but he ate a ton of solids and drank some water. He was very into the peanut butter sandwich I made for him, which was pretty adorable.

I got a haircut today! Just a trim. Mostly bringing up the length in the back a bit so I have a slight A-line. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It doesn’t take a drastic change for a haircut to really change how you feel!

And last, Kyle and I decided to splurge on a custom pantry for the kitchen. It is going to match our current cabinets and I will finally have somewhere to store food! Hooray! It is pretty expensive, but Kyle and I both have raises coming with our next paychecks, and we know that the pantry will solve a major problem and make us happy for many many years. So after much deliberation, we are pulling the trigger!

Yes, today was definitely a better day. Now if I could just shake these aches, chills and this headache, life would be perfect. 🙂

Lewis had a better night and a better day today too. He was extra cheerful and didn’t seem to be in pain. We all enjoyed that. But tomorrow will be very interesting at the doctor.

Meanwhile, Kyle has been under the weather all day. And just this evening I have started having aches and feeling off. Let’s hope the grown ups don’t go down!