My fever broke this morning! Hooray! My throat and ears still hurt, but I can handle that. Fevers are the pits. The aches are my least favorite thing about being sick. Glad that part is over with.

More good news:

Our nephew was born yesterday morning! A leap year baby! He was going to be special no matter what, but he decided to make sure he got everyone’s attention by coming on leap day. I’m too sick to meet him, but boy oh boy… I can’t wait until I get to snuggle that little monkey!

Kyle’s new car was delivered earlier today. Did I mention he had sold his car and bought something else? I can’t remember! His car is so important to him, so this has been a major part of our lives for the last month, and it is very exciting for him that the new car is finally here.

His old car was his “dream car”, but it had been draining our bank account and racking up the credit card bills since the day we bought it. It broke constantly. I’ve never seen a car that needed that much maintenance. We just couldn’t afford it.

The new car is only a couple years old, so it still has a warranty for a year. It is the same model as my car – just the “race car” version – so we feel like we know it is reliable. And Fords are generally not insane to maintain, pricing wise. Plus we were able to buy it cash, so there is no monthly payment to wrestle with.

It was a hard choice for Kyle to give up on his dream car, but he seems very excited about the replacement. And the best part (to me anyway) is that it feels like a really responsible financial decision to have stopped the bleeding with the crippling maintenance costs on the old car.

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