Just got home from meeting with the other moms. They were lovely. I had the most wonderful time even though it was chaotic and crazy and loud. They both said they’d like to meet again sometime. I hope they meant it, because I’d love to spend more time with them.

Very sleepy today. Lewis did eventually go back to sleep. But he woke up early and was ready for a party. Zombie parents are roaming our house.

Meeting up with some moms from a Facebook mom’s group I’m a member of today after morning nap. Hoping they’re awesome and will be new friends. They have kiddos approximately the same age. 🙂

4 failed attempts at putting kiddo back to sleep. He’s sleeping fine in my arms, but when I put him down, all hell breaks loose.

At least it is a weekend. I don’t have to do anything that requires brainpower in the morning. I can just stumble around after kiddo in my bathrobe. That’s as complicated as it will get.

But some more sleep would be nice anyway. Maybe 5th attempt is the charm?

Last night we went tylenol free and it was a great night.

Followed by a tylenol free great day with 2 spectacular naps and a cheerful baby.

Tonight is not tylenol free. Lewis just woke up screaming for the second time in 90 minutes. Very unlike him to do that even once. Much less twice.

Hoping very, very much that this is teething and not the ears. We were feeling so optimistic about the ears with these antibiotics. He seemed to be improved.

Well, he’s had the Tylenol. Now he’s having some milk and mommy snuggles. Hopefully the next step is going back to sleep and staying asleep for a good, long time.